Monday, December 7, 2009

Today's Quiz

1) X is a virtual world where one can play multiplayer games and join realtime events and was launched on November 2008 and has already reached over 3 million users.X isn’t yet available in english . The way in which X is used in Turkey made it in news recently.Identify X from the pics below and why it was in news?

Answer: X is Sanalika, a Turkish online community recently made in to Google's Zeitgeist 2009.
Most Turkish Internet users search for the domain or keyword of a website on Google then click on the first search result to go to the actual site. So, when a web service has millions of users it’s inevitably searched for on Google over a million times a day. This doesn’t just affect Sanalika. Facebook is another example too. There are over 14 million Turkish Facebook users which makes Turkey the 3rd largest population on the site, and most of them just search for the word “facebook” on Google and click on the first result

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