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Try The Pic Quiz

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Have you ever heard about non googleable questions...As the name suggests it is,what it is.This time I am giving some questions of this kind and leaving it to you.Try this and give your answers as comments.The answers will be posted shortly.Remember these questions are not as difficult as you think.You may have to think a little bit.I mean laterally!So here goes.....

1.First store of a certain chain...Identify the chain...The answer is in the pic itself.

2.Identify the occasion of this google doodle

3.The map suggests the route of some event.What does the blue line in it represents?

4.To small to see???Look carefully and say what it is...


Looks like a flag of some country?Yes it is a flag but not of a country!!!Then what?Think what is possible it is very easy...

What is this?No clue!!!

What does this emblem represents?

Which country's currency denomination?

Identify the company and its product shown here...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A complex Math equation when plotted gives a graph that look like the Picture show below..It is named after G. Buddha . This is known as Buddhabrot .It is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set which, when traditionally oriented, resembles to some extent certain depictions of the Buddha .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Q1.After completing his school from St.James.Kolkata and college education from Presidency college,he joined a band called Chandrabindoo. Before that he formed another band with his Presidency batchmates, called "Jotugriher Pakhi".Now he is an established music director in bollywood.Identify him?


Q2.One of them is a lead singer of Mumbai-based electronic band Pentagram. They also were the mentors of Raja Hasan in Saregamapa 2007, a popular singing contest broadcasted in Zee TV.Identify the duo?

Ans:Vishal Shekhar

Q3.His name is Anwar but he is better known by a different name. His debut song was in 1984.He learnt music form Pandit Ram Prasad Sharma. Was last heard in the movie Ugly aur Pagli.How do we know him?

Ans:Anu Malik

Q4.The surname of this duo is Raghuwanshi and Panchal. They won their 1st filmfare award for the music of the movie Chori-Chori.Identify the duo?

Ans:Shankar Jaikishen

Q5.His name is Mohammed Zahur "Khayyam" Hashmi.He last scored for a movie Yatra in 2006.Identify him?


Q6.His name is Kattassery Joseph but he is better knwn by his surname. In 1980 he established the Tharangni Studio at Trivandrum.Who is being described?


Q7. They are slowly becoming popular by the title 'Amar-Akbar-Anthony' of Bollywood music.Their last hit was Rock-On! Identify the trio?

Ans:Shankar Eshan Loy

Q8. His father Aparesh was a trained classical singer and his mother Bashabi was a singer trained in Shyama Sangeet..Identify the music director?

Ans:Bappi Lahiri

Q9.He was better known by his 1st name.His complete name was Lal Nagrath.His 1st movie as a composer was Neki aur Badi (1949).His grandson is a superstar.Identify the composer?


Q10. His first movie as a composer was Pyaar Kiya to Darna kya.Before becoming a music director he was a television producer.His forthcoming movies include Kaajra Re,Hey Gujju as an actor etc.Identify this multi talented music director?

Ans:Himesh Reshamiyya

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quiz blog -Purpose

The advancements in the computer technology have increased the dependence on technology as a learning tool. The flexibility and convenience of the online quiz makes it very popular among colleges and universities. These online quizzes include several fields of information including history, literature, culture, science and mathematics. They also offer general knowledge questions, making them a great learning experience. These general knowledge questions and online quizzes can be taken from anywhere that has access to internet.

The online quiz and general knowledge questions offers quick assessment of the knowledge and capability of the students and also allow them to focus on more important subject areas. They can also include some real time applications
such as high resolutions photos, videos, and sound to make the learning experience even more interesting and interactive. These together with the traditional methods of learning have been found to produce great results. Now several colleges and universities all over the world have started giving importance to the online quiz and competitions.

The online quizzes offering course ware and general knowledge questions allow the students to recognize their individual errors, thereby creating an individual learning experience. Also several sites offering these informative online quizzes allow for detailed feedback report on the performance of the student. These reports contain detailed explanations of topics covered in the quiz together with correct answers for the questions. The student may even retry these online quizzes and learn from his/her mistake. Participating in these online quiz offering fun trivia and general knowledge questions is a fun to way to test one’s knowledge and increase IQ. is a one of the top innovative growing online sites in India offering Online Quiz and general knowledge questions. The creators of this blog request your contributions and feedback to make it a success.


Quiz-From Where?

The first appearance of the word is from 1784 and means an odd person. This sense survives today in the word "quizzical". It was also used in the term quizzing glass, a common accoutrement of British Regency dandies. It later acquired a meaning of to make fun of, or to mock. How it acquired its current meaning of a test is unknown, but that sense did not appear until 1867 and then it was in the United States.

The OED2 has a citation from 1847 where the word appears: "She com back and quiesed us", which could be a clue to its origin. Quiz as a test could be a corruption of the Latin Qui es, meaning "Who are you?" American Heritage says it may be from the English dialect verb quiset, meaning to question. In any case it is probably from the same root as question and inquisitive.

There is a well-known myth about the word "quiz", which says that in 1791 a Dublin theater owner named James Daly made a bet that he could introduce a word into the language within twenty-four hours. He then went out and hired a group of street urchins to write the word "quiz", which was a nonsense word, on walls around the city of Dublin. Within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning (since no one knew what it meant, everyone thought it was some sort of test) and Daly had some extra cash in his pocket. However, there is no evidence to support the story, and the term was already in use before the alleged bet in 1791.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Set 1

1) Peter Drucker once said to a client :
My Job is to ask questions, it’s your job as a client to provide _____


2) In women’s Fashion what are chicken Fillets?

A) Silicon bras used to enhance the bust.

3) Sunday is a Paludrine day art created in 1949. Who created it?


4) In HR appraisal what is halo Effect?

A) If you say first answer correctly and if the remaining answers are wrong but the correct answer itself creates a good impression.

5) Which Indian Company shares its name with a diety in greek mythology ?


6) Whose Partition Theory is used by ATMs?

A) Ramanujan Shrinivas

7) When Pope John paul II visited Hollywood in 1987, what was the changes made ?

A) One of the L was removed and it was made HOLYWOOD.

8) ROI is Return of Investment then what is ROTI?


9) What is Fong Kong?

A) Products with a fake designer label

10) Which brand combines of a queen & a sensitive Document?


Set 2

1) This municipality of Belgium is in the province of liege in the Waloon region.

A) What is Spa?

2) This Russian has a European patent for a ‘ Method of playing a lottery game.

A) Who is gary kasparov?

3) This edible variety from India got its name from the first Duke of Goa.

A) How did Alphonso mango get its name?

4) Which Academy runs this?
B.A.- Babe Attractor
M.B.A- Major babe Attractor
M.B.B.S.- Magnet for beautiful babe


5) For which particular group of people did Radio Alakar start in India?

A) Fisherman

5) What is client golf?

A) Deliberately losing the game so as to strike a deal with your client.

The rest of them can be viewed on Times Now

try these....

In the U.S.A. , what is celebrated on February 2nd and is also a film? GROUNDHOG DAY

In what profession would you use the acronym "SOCO"? Police Work Scene of Crime Officers

What is the official national anthem of the USA.? (Star Spangled Banner)

The blue cornflower is the French equivalent to what in England? Red Poppy

Which weather phenomenon translates from the Spanish for 'little boy'. (EL NINO)

Ambassador to the Court of Saint James is the official title for Ambassadors of which country? UK

Which castle is on the island of Anglesey? Beaumaris

What is echolalia? Involuntary Speech repetition, Navigation by sound, Anxiety caused by your own voice

Which N. African seaport's name is Spanish for white house? CASABLANCA

Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters?

What's the worlds most popular Non Alcoholic Drink? (Coffee)

What letter is given to a car number plate when the age or identity of the vehicle is unknown or if it may have been built from parts? Q

In which street is the Bank of England? Threadneedle Street

Globe and Jerusalem are types of what? (Artichoke)

In the drink, what are the components of a Screwdriver? Vodka and orange juice

How many people take part in the dance of a quadrille? Eight

In which city are the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund? Options: Washington, Geneva, Berlin Answer: Washington

How many stars are on the European Union flag? 12

Rather than a hatter, what is the proper name for a maker of hats? Milliner

What license cost 37 pence when it was abolished in 1988? Dog Licence

In Scrabble how many letters have a value of 2? Two ("D and G")

Lending her name to a famous brand, who was the Greek Goddess of Victory? Nike

What is the name of the poker hand containing three of a kind and a pair? Full house

In slang, how much money is a monkey? £500

Loriners and farriers cater for what? Horses

In the game of draughts, how many men does a player start with? 12

Which is the best selling car name of all time (The model has undergone seveal redesigns in is history)? Toyota Corolla (25 million vehicles sold in 142 countries)

Which country in the world sends the most letters abroad? UK

What rank in the Royal Navy is the equivalent of the army's Field Marshall? Admiral of the Fleet

Which army is headed by General John Gowans? The Salvation Army

Which French car design achieved fame in motoring circles for his 'double chevron' gear and logo? Citroen

Astrologically speaking, two of the fire signs are LEO and ARIES. Which is the third? Sagittarius

Who is the longest serving member of the Privy Council? The Duke of Edinburgh (appointed in 1951)

Which number president of the USA is George W Bush? 43

On which day of the year does All Souls Day fall? Nov 2nd

What was Fanny Craddocks real first name? Phyllis

What are the caves at Lascaux famous for? Prehistoric Cave Paintings

On what day of creation did God make the sun, the moon and the stars? 4th

What is the collective name for the 9 handmaidens of Odin? Valkyries

What is another name for a ships load mark? Plimsoll Line

What is the meaning of the word Hypocaust? A) Annihilation of a town by flood B) mass inoculation C) underfloor heating - answer c

Who is said to rule in a Plutocracy? The Wealthy

Illustrated on its logo, the product Marmite is named after a French word meaning what? Cooking Pot

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