Sunday, February 14, 2010

Advertisement Quiz

Identify this MNC based in Italy.

Answer:The company is Pirelli.
This company was founded in 1872 in Milan by Giovanni Battista Pirelli,initially specialised in rubber and derivative processes. Effectively, this company's activities are still primarily focused on the production of tyres and cables (for energy and telecommunications). In 2005, Pirelli sold its cable division to Goldman Sachs, which changed the new group's name to Prysmian.
The Pirelli Calendar is famous and it is published annually, and regularly features famous actresses and fashion models. It also features the work of many of the most respected fashion photographers in the world.
The Pirelli Internetional Award is given annually for the best international multimedia involving the communication of Science & Technology conducted entirely on the Internet.

"Power is nothing without control" is the well known slogan of Pirelli Tyre Company, and is featured in numerous television and print advertisements.

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