Monday, May 31, 2010


This is a twelfth centuary Byzantine manuscript of an Oath, which when translated to English starts like this-

"I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:

To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my own brothers, to teach them this art..."

What is this?

Answer:Hippocratic Oath


biswagyan said...

hippocrates oath by the doctor's

Aviral said...

Hippocratic Oath

Nihar said...

Hyppocratic oath; for doctors

Anonymous said...

Hippocrate's Oath, taken by all doctors...

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