Friday, September 17, 2010

History quiz

This is the poster a 1919 hollywood movie 'X', which is written by Aurora Mardiganian(in the picture) about her experiences in an incident 'Y'.Identify X and Y...

...and how can you connect it with the person shown below?


Anonymous said...

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callezee said...

difficult to answer..

Anonymous said...

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Siddarth Pai said...

Just noticed that this was unanswered
auction of souls was from a movie called ravished armenia (X), about the armenian massacre of millions, or the armenian genocide of 1919 i think(Y)

the pic below is arundhati roy
Listening To Grasshoppers: Genocide, Denial And Celebration was written by her as en essay on the genocide.
It was also regarded as the world's 1st modern genocide, also the 2nd post widely studied 1.

you should resurrect the blog, you post good questions man.

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