Monday, July 6, 2009

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The advancements in the computer technology have increased the dependence on technology as a learning tool. The flexibility and convenience of the online quiz makes it very popular among colleges and universities. These online quizzes include several fields of information including history, literature, culture, science and mathematics. They also offer general knowledge questions, making them a great learning experience. These general knowledge questions and online quizzes can be taken from anywhere that has access to internet.

The online quiz and general knowledge questions offers quick assessment of the knowledge and capability of the students and also allow them to focus on more important subject areas. They can also include some real time applications
such as high resolutions photos, videos, and sound to make the learning experience even more interesting and interactive. These together with the traditional methods of learning have been found to produce great results. Now several colleges and universities all over the world have started giving importance to the online quiz and competitions.

The online quizzes offering course ware and general knowledge questions allow the students to recognize their individual errors, thereby creating an individual learning experience. Also several sites offering these informative online quizzes allow for detailed feedback report on the performance of the student. These reports contain detailed explanations of topics covered in the quiz together with correct answers for the questions. The student may even retry these online quizzes and learn from his/her mistake. Participating in these online quiz offering fun trivia and general knowledge questions is a fun to way to test one’s knowledge and increase IQ. is a one of the top innovative growing online sites in India offering Online Quiz and general knowledge questions. The creators of this blog request your contributions and feedback to make it a success.


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